Point Out People’s Strengths

People often make a mistake in their personal development when they focus too much on their weaknesses. As a result, they spend all their time trying to shore up those weaknesses instead of maximizing the strengths they possess. Similarly, it’s a mistake to focus on the weaknesses of others. The self-proclaimed “experts” who spend their time telling others what’s wrong with them never win with people. Most people simply avoid them.

Instead, we need to focus on finding people’s strengths and pointing them out. Most people have strengths that they rarely get to use. Those strengths may be job skills, knowledge, general abilities, personality characteristics, or other attributes. I once read an interesting fact based on research, saying that every person can do at least one thing better than ten thousand other people. Think about that! You possess an ability that can’t be matched by anyone in your town or neighborhood . . . or in your college or university . . . or in your company or maybe even in your industry.

Have you discovered that ability? If so, you are probably well on your way to pursuing your life’s purpose. If you haven’t, wouldn’t you love it if someone came alongside you and pointed it out? How would you feel about that person? I bet you’d be pretty grateful.

Why not try to become that kind of person in someone else’s life? When you do, you just might be helping others to discover the thing God created them to do.

—25 Ways to Win with People-John Maxwell



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