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Small Wins Can Mean Big Success

“For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.”
—Jim Pohn

Sometimes we expect our American Dream to come true in the form of a million-dollar lottery win or an unexpected inheritance. But if we wait for that big event to occur, it is likely that we will never see our ship come in. Success generally arrives after a series of small steps, or “wins,” says Tom Peters in Organizational Dynamics. It is only on rare occasions that success comes suddenly and unexpectedly. Success usually comes one step at a time, and some of those steps can be so small that they may not be readily evident. NASA’s goal to put a man on the moon by 1969 did not happen as the result of a single space shot. It was the culmination of countless thousands of small advances in space technology, many failures, and a series of successes.

Wins come from spending a lot of time working toward a goal and persisting when others would give up. Participation by other people is usually necessary, and you must reward those individuals with appreciation and recognition. Many times success only comes after a tremendous number of attempts, so you must try many options. When an idea doesn’t work out well, learn from the error and try another path. You must be a positive spokesman for the task, explaining progress to those participating so they will know something important is being accomplished. Each element may be small, but small wins are what lead to a big finish.

Consider This: Expect good things to take time. Because the best tends to take time, many people give up too soon. Keep going and make those little steps of progress toward your goals.


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