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Turning Point

Historians agree that the turning point in Hungarian history was the adoption of Christianity in the year a.d. 1000.

Being Christian aligned Hungary with its neighbor countries to the west. It gave people a priestly clan that could read and write.

It turned a warlike people into the peace-loving people that we know today. Always the adoption of Christianity is a turning point—for nations, for civilizations, for individuals. See: Psalms 22:26-28; 2 Corinthians 5:17


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Estimate of Real Genius

The girl to whom Mozart was first engaged to be married became discontented with her choice when she saw more of the world, and gave up the composer.

She thought him too diminutive. “I knew nothing of the greatness of his genius,” she afterwards explained; “I saw him only a little man.”

How many of us act in the same way. We look on the outward person only, and forget that a very homely, even shabby exterior, may contain much goodness and greatness.

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