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No Worries

There is an expression common in Australia: “No worries, mate.”

Generally, it means that the situation is under control and can be handled.

There is no person alive who can truly say “no worries.”

We all have things that are legitimate worries, but we also have some that are not reasonable and ought to be dismissed.

See: Psalms 96:2; Matthew 28:19; Acts 1:8; 2 Timothy 4:5


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Is It Worth It?

A few years ago, the St. Petersburg Times reported the story of a young man who was driving his Porsche to work when it caught fire.

He stood there watching it burn and was quoted as saying, “That car meant everything to me.”

Even if we make some allowance for youth and for the inexact use of language, the statement is still startling.

If your car means everything to you, you have a misplaced sense of values.

If your career, or your home, or your family, or your health means everything to you, you’ve forgotten something.

Even if life means everything to you, you’ve forgotten something.

 lifeSee: Matthew 6:19-21

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Observation of the Universe

 Long before the Voyager space probe or the recent launching of the high-tech Hubble Telescope/Satellite, Professor Barnard, of the famous Lick Observatory had been engaged for many years in the task of photographing the Milky Way galaxy.

He once estimated that his camera would reveal no less than five hundred million stars in the heavens, or rather, that part which he was examining.

What stupendous force it gives to the Psalmist’s saying, “When I consider thy heavens … what is man?”(Ps. 8:3, 4).

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It Takes Courage

*To refrain from gossip when others about you delight in it.

*To stand up for the absent person who is being abused.

*To live honestly within your means and not dishonestly on the means of others.

*To be a real man, a true woman, by holding fast to your ideals when it causes you to be looked upon as strange and peculiar.

*To be talked about and remain silent when a word would justify you in the eyes of others, but which you cannot speak without injury to another.

*To refuse to do a thing which is wrong, though others do it.

*To live according to your own convictions.

*To dress according to your income and to deny yourself what you cannot afford to buy. – The Fountain

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“When fortune smiles, embrace her.” —Thomas Fuller

New ventures are often conceived on the leading edge of technology. Such has been the case for many companies in the microcomputer industry. Even with billion-dollar companies such as IBM and AT&T leading the way, the window of opportunity often opens wide enough for even an ill-financed college student to make it big.

Michael Dell began preparing for his big opportunity as a teenager selling newspaper subscriptions. After working on a phone bank with fifty other callers and making few sales, Michael thought of a more direct approach. He began getting information about newlywed couples and contacting them directly. Sales soared.

Later, when his family bought a computer, Michael took it apart in an effort to gain an understanding of the device all the way down to the chip level. Michael believed his future was in computers, but his parents insisted that he enroll in the pre-medicine curriculum at the University of Texas in Austin.

From his dormitory, he began to set up his business, placing ads in computer magazines, assembling the machines, and shipping them to customers. Michael’s company, PC Limited, soon grew so large that he convinced his parents to let him run it full time. Within several years, his computer sales were over $100 million annually.

Using the concepts of zero defects and just-in-time inventory, Michael’s company, now Dell Computers, has kept costs down and quality high. Even though he is very sure of his business sense, Michael Dell has put together a senior management team from leading high-tech companies to ensure his firm’s continued growth.

Consider This: Watch for the window of opportunity to open. It is at that point that anyone with brains and determination can successfully compete against all the rest.

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